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Are you looking for quality printed circuit boards (PCB) that are safe, effective and reliable? 
MorePCB is the perfect choice. We specialize in PCB manufacturing and assembly processes and always strive to reach excellence with our high-quality products.
Our team follows established quality control methods, ensuring our customers receive only the finest goods. Our services come with international certification that is recognized all over the world, guaranteeing top-notch standards for your PCBs.
Thanks to stringent scrutiny of incoming materials and components, we provide a comprehensive experience that does not skimp on quality. Plus, free DMF check service is included in each purchase to ensure accuracy!

 A first article inspection system integrates testing equipment and data platform to automatically test samples against BOM while minimizing human errors; on top of that, automated optical inspection (AOI) tests are also carried out as standard procedure to check for wrong components on our circuit boards.
Choose MorePCB when it comes to trustworthiness – put us at the center of your PCB operations today.

Quality Assurance for Incoming Raw Materials or Components at MorePCB

Quality confirmation and inspection of raw materials, components, and products purchased from suppliers is known as incoming inspection. Sampling is used to verify the quality of the supplied items at their point of origin, and a determination will be made on whether or not the batch should be accepted.

Opting for a reliable platform is key to obtaining top-notch components that precisely meet customer requirements. The parts must also go through a rigorous testing process before being delivered for use.

PCB incoming quality control

Incoming Quality Control

dfm check Free Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Check

Free Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Check

Free Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Check at MorePCB

At MorePCB , we offer a free DMF check to our clients. This includes five aspects: signal and mixed layer checks, power/ground checks, drill checks, solder mask checks, and silkscreen checks.

Our engineers will send engineering queries to the clients when they encounter any discrepancies between the provided information and original files, ensuring that all details are correct.

FAI - Quality Assurance Through Inspection of Initial Unit

First Article Inspection (FAI) is a quality assurance system that provides advanced testing and data platforms to ensure your products meet their design specifications.

Simply enter the bill of materials into the system and it will automatically test the first sample, eliminating potential human errors while saving time, effort and money.

With FAI systems, you can rest assured knowing that all future production will stay within quality standards.

PCB FAI - Quality Assurance Through Inspection of Initial Unit

First Article Inspection

PCB In Circuit Test

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) test is very common in the SMT industry and is suitable for all circuit board production and PCB assembly.

This technology detects soldering issues on components based on their appearance characteristics, the color of each component and the silkscreen information etched onto the ICs. 

AOI test is an essential part of SMT production lines and often involves investing in at least one or two pieces of equipment for optimal results.

Automatic X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection is a critical process for circuit boards with certain BGA-packaged components. X-rays have the ability to penetrate materials and were one of the first instruments used in inspections. 

The perspective view can provide precise thickness, shape and quality of solder joints as well as solder density which can reveal open circuits, short circuits, hole copper, internal bubbles and insufficient tin. 

This helps to make sure that welding quality covers all aspects and can be quantitatively analyzed.


Automatic X-ray inspection

Auto E Tester

Auto E-Tester

Automatic Fixture Tester

Auto fixture testing is a common procedure used for mass production of PCBs, as it allows for high test efficiency and good results.

However, these tests can be expensive to set up as each circuit board needs its own fixture that is only good for one year.

MorePCB understands the need to reduce labor costs and has purchased several automatic test fixtures to make sure customer requirements are met in terms of quality and delivery.

Burn-In Test

Burn-in tests simulate a product’s daily environment by combining high temperatures, low temperatures, temperature changes and electrical power to identify any defects on the PCBA board. 

This can help eliminate or improve problems such as bad soldering or mismatched components, as well as stabilize parameters for defect-free boards.

PCB Burn-In Test

Burn-In Test

pcb in circuit test

Auto Tester

In-Circuit Test

In Circut Test is usually used on models that have been mass-produced, and the amount of production is usually relatively large, and the test efficiency is high, but the manufacturing cost is relatively large.

Each type of circuit board requires special fixtures and the test cost is very high.

The test principle is similar to the flying probe test. It also measures the resistance between two fixed points to determine whether the components on the circuit have short circuits, empty soldering, and wrong parts.

Function Test

This test method is usually used on some more complicated circuit boards.

The circuit boards that need to be tested must be soldered and passed through some specific fixtures to simulate the formal use of the circuit board.

Place the circuit board in this simulation. In the scene, after turning on the power, observe whether the circuit board can be used normally.

This test method can accurately determine whether the circuit board is normal. But there are also problems of low test efficiency and high test costs.

PCBA-Function-Test MorePCB

Function Test

PCB Quality Assurance:

To satisfy our customer’s PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly with top quality.

MorePCB has implemented the ISO9001 quality system.

The perfect quality assurance system and various inspection equipment help us to monitor the whole production process, assure stability of this process, and high product quality, meanwhile, advanced instruments and technology methods have been introduced to attain sustained improvement.

Quality Policy

  • Quality, Efficiency, and Service

Environment Policy

  • Strictly obey the legislations and regulations for pollution prevention.
  • Continually improve the processes for saving the resources usage.
  • Progressively manufacture the environment-protected products for the benefits of human society

Health and Safety Policy

  • Strictly obey the legislations and regulations for employee health and safety.
  • Continually create a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Progressively prevent the potential risk of endangering health and safety.


  • 100% visual inspection and electrical test
  • Test data
  • IPC
  • Certification- ISO 9001
  • XRF test data
  • Solderability test
  • Impedance modeling/testing

PCB Assembly Quality Assurance:

To enhance quality control comprehensively, we must realize our quality policy and goal.

Quality System is established according to ISO9001:2015 with regular internal audit to guarantee quality system is effectively operated.

All staffs are participated in the quality system, by keeping training and learning. Customer ssatisfication is our mission.

  • IQC: Incoming Materials Inspection
  • First Article Inspection for every process
  • IPQC: In-Process Quality Control
  • AOI testing
  • In-circuit Test (ICT)
  • Functional test (FCT)
  • Reliability test

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