Thick copper PCB


Thick Copper PCB

Thick copper PCBs are becoming increasingly popular in the PCB industry, as they offer several advantages over standard PCBs. These heavy copper PCBs have a finished copper weight of more than 4oz (140μm), compared to the 1oz (35μm) or 2oz (0μm) copper weight found in standard PCBs.

Thick copper PCBs are widely used in power electronic devices and power supply systems, as their additional copper thickness allows them to conduct higher currents, achieve better thermal distribution, and implement complex switches in limited space. They also offer increased mechanical strength at connector sites and the ability to create smaller products by incorporating multiple weights on the same layer of circuitry. Additionally, they allow for the use of exotic materials to their maximum capacity with minimal risk of circuit failure.

Thick Copper PCBs of Superior Quality

MorePCB has a decade-long experience in manufacturing and assembling high-performing standard and thick copper PCB products to help customers achieve their productivity and profitability goals. 

We have a standard operating procedure where our highly skilled engineers perform a design for manufacturing review on every circuit file and address any concerns before production to ensure that the finished electronic boards meet your performance expectations. 

Our capable staff includes an in-house quality control department, and we guarantee the quality of our printed circuit boards. Please note that it is essential to take the greater width of traces and spacing between the traces, caused by the increased copper weight, into consideration to ensure we can fabricate your thick copper PCB correctly.

Applications of Thick Copper PCB

  • Power supplies, such as planar transformers
  • High-current and high-power devices
  • Automotive electronics such as rail traction
  • New energy electronics such as solar power converters
  • Electrical power systems such as overhead relays. Pulse converters, torque controls, welding equipment, and other industrial applications.

Their ability to handle high currents, provide good thermal distribution, and support complex circuitry in a small space make them ideal for use in these applications. If you have a specific application that requires a thick-copper PCB, contact us to learn how we can help.


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