Low Cost PTFE RF PCB Manufacturing

PTFE is the use of Teflon in PCB’s dielectric material. Often synthesized with other high speed materials, PTFE’s incorporate the use of ceramic and other resin systems.We also call PTFE Hybrid PCB,  

MorePCB manufacture various of PTFE RF(Radio Frequency)PCB and HI-Frequency Microwave PCB from sample to mass production.

We have enough advantages in the cost of PTFE RF(Radio Frequency)PCB and HI-Frequency Microwave PCB Manufacturing.

PTFE PCB widely apply to :

  • Power divider,
  • Combiner,
  • Power amplifier,
  • Line amplifier,
  • Base station,
  • RF antena,
  • 4G antena,
  • ETC

Stocks of PTFE materials :

  • Rogers,
  • Taconic,
  • Arlon,
  • Isola,
  • Teflon,
  • F4B,
  • TP-2,
  • ETC

What is an Radio Frequency Circuit Board (RF PCB) ?

In general , the PCB industry considers an RF circuit board to be any high frequency PCB that operates above 100MHz .

What is Microwave PCB ?

Within the radio frequency class, anything above 2GHz is a Microwave PCB. it’s widely used in any application that requires receiving and transmitting radio signals.

HI Frequency Microwave PCB PTFE RF PCB

Rogers laminate PCB

Rogers laminated PCB is advanced polymer which is most often used for future electronics manufacturing.

Such as:RO3006,RO4003/C,RO4350/B, RO4450,RT5880,RT6002,RT6010 etc. Update  various styles inventory always.

Rogers + FR4 PCB

The Rogers + FR4 Multilayer PCBs are made of materials that can withstand harsh temperature and environment.

Rogers and FR4 are the two most popular materials for PCB,Ceramic with fiberglass laminate hybrid circuit board achieve the best performance.



PTFE/Teflon PCBs don’t use copper and instead have copper printed on them after they are manufactured.

Except Rogers, there are other manufacturers of laminates that can be used in the high frequency PCBs, such as Taconic, Nelco, Isola, and Arlon.

HI-Frequency Microwave PCB,FR circuit board and PTFE Hybrid PCB are used in a lot of high technologies area .

Communication device main board based on HI Frequency Microwave PCB and Multi layer PTFE PCB

Communication Device

HI-Frequency Microwave PCB and Radio Frequency(RF) PTFE PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are extremely useful in the telecommunication industry. A wide range of electronic components used in various RF communication devices are mechanically supported and electrically connected with the help of high-end PCBs.


Wireless Applications

An RF / wireless evaluation or electronics board is a PCB (printed circuit board) containing the support logic required for a programmer to become acquainted with an RF or wireless microcontroller and learn how to program it. RF / wireless evaluation and electronics boards can also be used as a method to try out different wireless applications in electronic products.

Military Industry main board based on HI Frequency Microwave PCB and PTFE PCB

Military and Aerospace

Military Industry request a complete spectrum of reliable, PTFE, ceramic and hybrid materials for critical microwave circuit board, antennas and subassemblies. HI-Frequency Microwave PCB and Multi-layer PTFE/RF PCBs are supporting all Aerospace plans.

Why choose Morepcb PTFE RF PCB

MorePCB with advanced foreign technology supports and domestic 3G/4G device manufacturer in Microwave PCB field which lead our experienced HI-Frequencey researching team to one step ahead of the line of PTFE printed circuit board business.

We are hornored to obtain sound reputations over our wolrdwide customers on the basis of fine qulity, prompt delivery, satisfied after sales service for many years.

We assure our customers that we will return the favors with more and more superior products in the near future.

PTFE PCB RF circuit
PTFE circuit board RF PCB

MORE PCB LTD always keep regular types of RF/Microwave and PTFE (Teflon™) materials in stock .

In order to provide you with the most popular products from Rogers, Taconic, Nelco, Isola, and Arlon to meet your immediate needs.

Advantages of The One-Stop PCB Manufacturer MorePCB

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