Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB is one type of metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), widely be used in LED lighting industry.

If you are looking for Aluminum PCB Manufacturer, MorePCB has rich experience in manufacturing Aluminium PCB with high thermal conductivity , we offers a first class service and extensive high-tech options.

MCPCB, Metal Core PCB, thermal PCB – whichever name you prefer, they are all boards which use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board.These types of are typically fabricated with a metal base consisting of aluminum (most common) but can also be produced with copper.

Applications of Aluminum PCB:

  • General lighting applications (Streetlight , Flashlight, Spotlight, etc.)
  • Back light unit applications
  • System automotive LED applications
  • Power converters: telecom, high voltage regulator, power supplies
  • Hybrid/electric motor control applications
  • Photovoltaic

Aluminium PCB Stack Up details as the drawing.

1. Aluminium PCB Copper Traces Layer
The copper circuit (traces) layer is etched to form the printed circuit, Compared to FR4 material,

Aluminium PCB can bear higher electric current when same thick circuit layer and same trace width.

2. Aluminium PCB Dielectic Layer
The dielectic layer is the core technology of the Aluminium PCB, which mainly serves as the function of adhesion, insulation and heat conduction.

The better the thermal conductivity of insulation is, the quicker the components spread the heat when they work, which can realize the purpose like improving power loading of the modules,reducing volume, extending life span and increase the output power.

3. Aluminium PCB Metal Substrate Layer
Usually, considering the cost and technical characteristic, aluminium is the ideal choice. The available aluminum plates are 6061,5052,1060 etc.

If there is a higher heat transfer performance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and other special performance requirements, copper, stainless steel plate, iron plate, silicon steel plate, etc can also be used.

Aluminium PCB Stack Up Details As The Drawing
LED PCB strip
The Advantage Of MorePCB Aluminum PCB Fabrication

What’s advantage of our Aluminum PCB fabrication ?

Multilayer aluminum substrate

2-4 layers multilayer aluminum circuit board and FR4 hybrid with aluminum substrate are able to be supported by MorePCB both.

Support plating hole with plugging resin

The plugging resin holes are available to be plated again and soldered through hole components .

Up to a length of 1500mm

Able to supply very long LED PCB (Aluminum base material) up to a length of 1500mm.

Countersink & Counterbore

Rick experience in process special drill hole such as Countersink & Counterbore (Spotface) Hole.

Metal thickness up to 5.0mm

Aluminum or copper based material its max thickness is up to 5.0mm.

Fast turn around

Fast turn around service to support your better business requirement.

Features of speical Aluminium PCB

Aluminium PCB Plug resin holes

Aluminium PCB Plug resin holes backside


Aluminium PCB Plug resin holes frontside


Aluminium PCB Plug resin slot backside


Aluminium PCB Plug resin slot frontside

1500mm LED Strip PCB

Countersink Hole

Advantages of The One-Stop PCB Manufacturer MorePCB

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