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what is Ceramic PCB?

Ceramic PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are made of ceramic materials, such as aluminum oxide (Al2O3), aluminum nitride (AlN), or silicon carbide (SiC). These materials offer high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, and mechanical stability, making them ideal for use in high-power and high-temperature applications.

Ceramic PCBs are commonly used in electronic devices such as power amplifiers, LED lighting, and high-frequency communication systems. They can withstand high temperatures and thermal cycling, making them suitable for harsh environments. Additionally, they offer superior electrical properties, which improve the reliability and performance of electronic devices.

Applications of Ceramic PCBs

  • High-power electronic modules, solar panel components
  • High-frequency switching power supplies, solid-state relays
  •  High-power LED lighting products
  • Communication antennas
  • Automotive sensors, refrigeration sheets, etc

Why Use Ceramics for Circuit Boards

Advantages of Ceramic PCB

Unlike traditional FR-4, ceramic materials have good high-frequency performance and electrical performance, have high thermal conductivity, chemical stability, excellent thermal stability, and other properties that organic substrates do not have. It is a new ideal packaging material for the generation of large-scale integrated circuits and power electronic modules.

Main advantages:

  1. Higher thermal conductivity.
  2. More matching thermal expansion coefficient.
  3. Stronger and lower resistance metal film alumina ceramic circuit board.
  4. The solderability of the substrate is good, and the use temperature is high.
  5. Good insulation.
  6. Low high-frequency loss.
  7. High-density assembly possible.
  8. It does not contain organic ingredients, is resistant to cosmic rays, has high reliability in aerospace,and has a long service life.
  9. The copper layer does not contain an oxide layer and can be used for a long time in a reducing atmosphere.
Advantage of ceramic PCB
Aluminum nitride ceramic PCB
Characteristic of ceramic PCB
ceramic PCB

What Functions will to Consider When Selecting Ceramic PCB?

When selecting a ceramic printed circuit board (PCB), there are several functions that we should consider:

  • Thermal conductivity: Ceramic PCBs have excellent thermal conductivity, which makes them suitable for high-power applications that generate a lot of heat. The thermal conductivity of the ceramic material used for the PCB should be carefully considered to ensure that it can meet the thermal requirements of your application.
  • Dielectric strength: Ceramic PCBs have high dielectric strength, which makes them suitable for high voltage applications. The dielectric strength of the ceramic material should be chosen based on the voltage requirements of your application.
  • Mechanical strength: Ceramic PCBs are very strong and can withstand high mechanical stress. The mechanical strength of the ceramic material should be chosen based on the mechanical stress that the PCB will be exposed to during operation.
  • Chemical resistance: Ceramic PCBs are highly resistant to chemicals, which makes them suitable for use in harsh environments where chemicals are present. The chemical resistance of the ceramic material should be chosen based on the types of chemicals that the PCB will be exposed to during operation.
  • Dimensional stability: Ceramic PCBs have excellent dimensional stability, which makes them suitable for applications where precision is critical. The dimensional stability of the ceramic material should be chosen based on the precision requirements of your application.
  • Compatibility with components: Ceramic PCBs can be more difficult to work with than other materials, and may not be compatible with all types of components. The compatibility of the ceramic material with the components that will be used on the PCB should be carefully considered before selecting a ceramic PCB.

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