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Top-Quality and Cheap PCB Fabrication Services Manufacturer In China

MorePCB is the top quality and cheap PCB fabrication services manufacturer in China. We offer PCB Fab services that are fast, affordable, and of high quality. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we can help you produce quality PCBs in record time. If you’re looking for PCB Fab services, MorePCB is the top choice for your project. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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1. What is Quick Turn PCB Fabrication?

Quick turn PCB board fabrication is a process of manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) within a short turnaround time, typically 24 hours to a few days. This method differs from traditional printed circuit board fabrication methods in terms of the time it takes to produce the final product. Traditional circuit board fabrication methods can take weeks or even months, whereas quick turn circuit board fabrication  offers a much faster turnaround time.

2. Why Choose MorePCB for Fabrication PCB?

MorePCB is your one-stop manufacturer for all your printed circuit board (PCB) needs. 

As a one-stop PCBA manufacturing service factory,  we provide our customers with one-stop electronic manufacturing services such as SMT placement proofing, PCB copy + proofing, SMT placement assembly processing, BOM component procurement, etc. to meet the diversified technical and service needs of our customers.

MorePCB offers full feature PCB manufacturing services with high reliability to be compatible with your requirement, include rigid FR4 PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, High-Frequency PCB, Rogers PCB, Multilayer PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, etc.

  1. Cost-effective pricing: MorePCB offers competitive prices for circuit board fabrication , making it easy to produce PCBs at affordable rates.

  2. Fast turnaround times: MorePCB delivers fast turnaround times for pcb manufacturing, ensuring that your PCBs are delivered on time.

  3. High-quality products: MorePCB uses the latest technology to produce high-quality PCBs that meet industry standards.

3. How Does MorePCB Deliver Circuit board fabrication Services?

  1. File submission: Customers submit their PCB design files in the format specified by MorePCB.

  2. Design review: MorePCB reviews the design files and contacts the customer if there are any issues.

  3. Production: MorePCB uses their advanced manufacturing technology to produce the PCBs within a short time frame.

  4. Inspection and testing: MorePCB inspects and tests the PCBs to ensure that we meet the required quality standards.

4. Advantages of PCB Fab with MorePCB

  1. Speed: Circuit board fabrication with MorePCB ensures that you receive your PCBs in record time, allowing you to move forward with your project.

  2. Cost: PCB board fabrication with MorePCB is affordable, making it possible to produce high-quality PCBs at low costs.

  3. Quality: MorePCB uses the latest technology to produce high-quality PCBs that meet industry standards.

5. FAQ: Common Questions About PCB Fabrication

A:MorePCB delivers PCB fabrication services within 24 hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the design.

A: There is no minimum order quantity for PCB fabrication with MorePCB. You can order as few or as many PCBs as you need.

A:MorePCB accepts a variety of file formats, Gerber files in RS-274X format, as well as files designed in PADS/PROTEL/ EAGLE /Altium Designer/Sprint Layout/DIP software like “.pcb”, ”.pcbdoc”, “.lay”, “.lay6”, “.brd”,”.dip”.

A:The PCB Gerber format is an open 2D binary vector image file format. It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc. PCB Gerber files should be inside a .rar or.zip archive with standard file extensions:

Extension                               Layer
pcbname.GTL                        Top Layer Copper
pcbname.GTS                        Top Solder mask
pcbname.GTO                        Top Silkscreen
pcbname.GBL                        Bottom Layer Copper
pcbname.GBS                        Bottom Solder mask:
pcbname.GBO                        Bottom Silkscreen:
pcbname.TXT                         Drills
pcbname.GML/GKO              Board Outline

4 or more layers board also need:
pcbname.GL2                       Inner Layer2
pcbname.GL3                       Inner Layer3
pcbname.GL*                       Inner Layer*  

Notes: PCB Gerber file must be RS-274X format. Drill file(pcbname.TXT) should be Excellon format.

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