how much are scrap circuit boards worth


Electronic devices are in huge demand, making old ones obsolete. But what’s often overlooked is the recycling value of the scrap circuit boards these devices are made of. These complex pieces contain valuable metals and materials that can be extracted and reused.

To determine how much scrap circuit boards are worth, many factors come into play such as the type of metal present, their condition, and the quantity. Prices of recycled boards fluctuate based on these variables, for example, a batch containing gold will be worth more than one with copper or steel.

Moreover, some recycling companies offer pick-up services for bulk e-waste, resulting in financial returns. The process involves breaking down these products into metal components using chemicals and specialized equipment. This has led to new products being created from the raw materials of scrapped boards.

These days, there are many vendors interested in e-waste. It’s important to find trustworthy companies who understand and follow environmental regulations when processing recyclables like scrapboards. Research before selecting buyers or recycling partners who have the right accreditation.

Don’t discard your old circuit boards – they’re worth more than empty words!

how much are scrap circuit boards worth

The Value of Scrap Circuit Boards

To understand the value of scrap circuit boards, you need to analyze several factors. In order to determine how much your electronic scrap is worth, you have to comprehend the composition of circuit boards and its historical prices. There are many factors affecting the worth of circuit boards. We will go through all of these sub-sections in detail to help you ascertain the value of your scrap circuit boards.

The Composition of Circuit Boards

Electronics are a part of daily life, so circuit boards are everywhere. These small boards create the foundation of computers & electronic devices, allowing them to do complex tasks fast.

Let’s look closer at the value of scrap circuit boards. They contain copper, gold, silver, aluminum, lead, tin, and fiberglass. Here’s a breakdown:

Material Percentage by Weight
Copper 20-30%
Gold <1%
Silver <1%
Aluminum 10-20%
Lead >1%
Tin >1%

The materials might differ based on the purpose of the circuit board. For example, Medical electronics require different metals/materials than military applications.

Plus, scrap circuit boards are eco-friendly. Recycling them saves resources used in making new parts.

Pro Tip: Contact reliable scrap metal recycling companies to dispose of your used/broken circuit boards while earning cash-back!

And don’t forget those circuit boards from the 90s – they’re worth even more than your Tamagotchi now!

Historical Prices of Circuit Boards

The electronics industry is on the rise and so is the demand for scrap circuit boards. Metal content, especially gold and copper, determines their worth. Gold and copper prices have varied over the years, so have prices of circuit boards.

See the below table for some historical circuit board prices:

Year Gold Price USD/oz Copper Price USD/lb PCB Price (per ton)
2005 $444.74 $1.37 $363
2010 $1224.53 $3.67 $1078
2015 $1068.25 $2.67 $333

It’s important to remember these prices can be influenced by a range of factors, e.g. supply, demand, global economy and commodity trading trends.

Scrap circuit boards may also be valuable for potential reuse in other industries. Especially in the production of new electronics.

Don’t miss out on potential profits from unused boards! With increasing demand for electronic components and metals, it’s essential to turn waste into money. So why not start collecting and selling your scrap circuit boards today? The value of circuit boards can be unpredictable, like a politician’s moral compass.

Factors Affecting the Value of Circuit Boards

Circuit boards have various factors that affect their value. Complexity, material composition, and age are the most important ones. Here’s a table that shows their weight:

Factors Weight (%)
Complexity level 45%
Material Composition 35%
Age 20%

Complexity means the type and number of components. Material Composition is about metals like copper, gold, silver, nickel, palladium. Age is how long the board has been in use and how modern/outdated its tech is.

High-end boards with precious metals are worth more than standard scrap.

Remember: Not all boards are equal. Get expert advice to get an accurate estimate.

Pro-tip: Remove any hazardous substances like mercury before recycling. Find out what your old electronics are worth with these tips!

How to Determine the Worth of Circuit Boards

To determine the worth of circuit boards and get the most out of your recycling efforts, you need to adopt a strategic approach. This involves separating precious metals from circuit boards, grading them for recycling, and using online resources to determine value. These three sub-sections will provide you with a comprehensive guide to maximizing the return on your circuit board scrap.

Separating Precious Metals from Circuit Boards

Circuit boards have valuable metals that can be reused. This is known as “recovering precious metals from circuit boards.”

Here’s a table with some examples of circuit board components and their estimated worth:

Component Worth (per pound)
Gold $1,600 – $1,800
Silver $10 – $50
Palladium $1,400 – $1,500

Also, there are other rare metals like platinum inside some circuit board components.

Not all circuit boards have the same value. It depends on what electronic device it came from and its age.

Before, people didn’t think about the value of circuit boards, so they burned or threw them away. Now, we have systems to extract these valuable materials.

Sorting circuit boards for recycling takes a careful eye to spot the tiny differences.

Grading Circuit Boards for Recycling

Classifying Circuit Boards for Recycling Purposes – What’s Their Worth?

Did you know that circuit boards’ grades determine their value, recycling needs, and environmental impacts? Let’s evaluate them!

Here is a breakdown of various grades of circuit boards and their features:

Grade Description Features
1 High-Grade Boards Contain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. High-quality electronic components
2 Mid-Grade Boards Contain silver or copper-coated wires and open switches. Fewer precious metals than grade 1
3 Low-Grade Boards Single-layered boards with fewer valuable materials otherwise discarded by electronics’ manufacturers

Other factors that affect circuit board grading are source, age, functionality, and condition.

It’s interesting to note that in countries like Africa and India, dismantled circuit boards are recycled manually using fire.

So, now you can use the internet to predict the value of your circuit boards without needing a crystal ball!

Using Online Resources to Determine Value

The digital age has made it simpler than ever to calculate the worth of circuit boards. With online resources, you can find precise price estimates in minutes, without needing to go to physical stores. See the table below for some online resources for circuit board valuations:

Online Resource Description
eBay This e-commerce website sells a variety of circuit boards, from vintage models to brand new ones. Sellers usually set their prices at market value.
Recycler’s World This platform specializes in recycling and reselling industrial materials. It shows price ranges for recycled electronic scrap, including circuit boards. Pricing depends on factors such as cleanliness, size, and type.
Computer Scrap One of the largest recyclers in the US, it deals with different types of computer scrap, including circuit boards. Custom pricing is available depending on the tonnage.

Remember, these are just a few examples. There are many other sources online to determine circuit board values.

Using online resources to estimate prices may be convenient, but keep in mind that age, condition, and rarity can greatly affect a board’s value. So relying only on internet searches may not be enough to find out your printed circuit board’s true worth.

In the past, determining the value of printed circuit boards without online resources was a challenge. It relied heavily on trust between parties, or arbitrary pricing methods. Turn your trash into cash by finding the right outlets for your circuit boards.

Places to Sell Scrap Circuit Boards

To sell your scrap circuit boards, explore different options such as scrapyards, recycling centers, and specialized electronics recycling companies. You can also check out the online marketplaces to find potential buyers, depending on the quantity and quality of your scrap circuit boards. This section will discuss these three sub-sections in detail to help you find the best place to sell your scrap circuit boards for the highest value.

Scrap Yards and Recycling Centers

When it comes to disposing of old circuit boards, scrapyards and recycling centers are two great options. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Scrapyards and recycling centers are designed to buy and process metallic materials, including printed circuit boards. Some specialize in electronic waste disposal, which makes them a better choice for those who want a sustainable solution. While they may pay less, they offer drop-off points that can save you time and money. Plus, some scrapyards and recycling centers offer more – like de-pollution, refining, or reprocessing services. Do your research first to make sure they have what you need.
  • Be aware that there have been reports of fraudulent activities by certain recycling businesses during processing, such as hiding hazardous waste and stealing intellectual property. So, be sure to do your due diligence when selecting a responsible organization for your scrap coolant collection.
  • The history of scrapyards began during the industrial revolution – railway cars would take away materials from industries that had no use for them. Over time, this practice became more common for any material deemed useless. In 1924, Simms Metal Management Ltd. was the first legally-registered company to buy surplus metals. Now, the industry is expanding, with businesses all over the world dealing in recyclable items like computers and their hardware.
  • Finally, you can get rid of your old circuit boards without judgement – just find the right online marketplace.

Online Marketplaces

Digital marketplaces offer a range of options for those wanting to sell scrap circuit boards. This makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect. The table below lists available online marketplaces.

Online Marketplaces Description
eBay Individuals can auction or sell products at a fixed price. Shipping costs and regions can be specified.
Amazon Professional marketplace. Offers electronic components at competitive prices, and provides fast payments and global shipping. Largest B2B trading platform. Sellers from around the world offer items through the site.

Before making transactions, read marketplace terms and conditions carefully. Consider fees, policies, payment methods, and delivery times when choosing a platform.

If none of these suit your needs, search for niche options on Google. Type in “scrap circuit board buyers“. Alternatively, you can use specialized electronics recycling companies.

Specialized Electronics Recycling Companies

For those who specialize in recycling electronics, there are endless options to sell scrap circuit boards. Companies focused on collecting and processing e-waste ensure that it is disposed of properly and sustainably.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular specialized electronics recycling companies in the market:

Company Name Location Services Offered
Dell United States and Canada E-waste Recycling
TES United Kingdom Secure Data Destruction
Eco-Tech Recycling California Electronics Recycling

These are just a few examples; there are many other specialized electronics recycling companies with unique services and focuses. Be sure to check what types of scrap circuit boards and electronics they accept before contacting them.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans dispose of millions of tonnes of electronic waste each year. This figure is likely to increase as electronic devices become more prevalent.

Specialized Electronics Recycling Companies play a vital role in keeping e-waste out of landfills and promoting sustainable practices for electronics disposal.

Tips for Maximizing Profit from Scrap Circuit Boards

To maximize profit from scrap circuit boards, you need to know how to get the most out of them. Proper storage and sorting of circuit boards are essential for achieving this goal. Another important factor is staying informed about market prices to ensure that you are getting a fair deal. Building relationships with buyers is also crucial for long-term success. In the following sub-sections, we will discuss each of these elements in detail.

Proper Storage and Sorting of Circuit Boards

Maximizing profits from scrap circuit boards requires proper storage and sorting. Strategically sorting the boards is key to making sure their value is maximized.

Below is a professional table with details on storage and sorting:

Category Storage Conditions
Precious Container with nitrogen gas
Semi-Precious Dry, temperature-controlled space
Non-Precious Separate based on size and shape

Unique details like placing precious metals in separate containers are important. This prevents oxidation and ensures safety.

Boxes are also essential for keeping track of components. Labelling the PCBs makes them easier to resell. Keeping track of what components work together boosts revenue.

Market prices for scrap circuit boards must be monitored. Otherwise, you could end up with a board but no profit.

Staying Informed About Market Prices

Keep Current with Pricing Trends!

Maximize your profits from scrap circuit boards by staying informed about the factors that affect pricing. The market prices for electronic components and scraps are always changing. Track them to make smart decisions on when to sell or hold onto your scrap circuit boards.

Online platforms such as auction sites and recyclers’ websites offer detailed information about current market prices. Also, follow industry publications and social media groups for electronics recycling insights.

Every type of electronic scrap is valued differently depending on various factors – quantity, quality, types of metals used, and global demand. Keep updated about pricing to know when to take advantage of the best prices.

Don’t miss out on extra money! Be aware of pricing trends and make connections with your buyers.

Building Relationships with Buyers

Reaping profits from scrap circuit boards means forging strong ties with buyers who’ll pay competitive prices for your materials. Set up a positive relationship with them and haggle for higher rates and maintain a long-term connection. Communicate plainly and frequently about the quality, amount, and variations in demand or pricing of your wares.

Be open and honest with buyers about any issues or constraints with your supply. Work together to find win-win solutions. Spending time and energy on building trust with purchasers can increase income and bring in better ventures.

Unique services or products can set you apart from other vendors. For instance, if a buyer is into eco-friendly electronics, you could provide eco-friendly components that match their values. Deliver what the market requires and charge higher prices for your supplies.

A smart seller devised customised recycling programs for different buyers like schools or companies – guaranteeing them a consistent flow of special electronic waste while providing efficient e-waste disposal services.

The bottom line is, having great connections with buyers is vital in maximising profits from scrap circuit boards. By being truthful, transparent, communicative and marketing according to buyer needs, you can attract more customers and be on the path to success. Don’t forget: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and here, that treasure is cash!


The worth of scrap circuit boards depends on the type and amount. Gold, copper and silver are precious metals found in them which can be recycled. Sort the circuit boards by type before recycling to get the highest price.

Some e-waste companies offer buyback programs for old electronics which may be more lucrative.

Be sure to properly dispose of e-waste as improper disposal can cause environmental hazards. There are laws in certain countries which regulate disposal and provide safe options, like drop-off points or collection services.

In conclusion, selling scrap circuit boards can be profitable due to the value of metals. Take care to sort and dispose of correctly when dealing with this kind of waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What determines the value of scrap circuit boards?

There are a few factors that determine the value of scrap circuit boards, including the type and amount of metals they contain, the demand for these metals in the market, and the condition of the boards.

2. How much are scrap circuit boards worth?

The value of scrap circuit boards varies based on the factors mentioned above. Generally, the average price for a pound of scrap circuit boards is between $4 and $6. However, prices can fluctuate over time.

3. What is the best way to sell scrap circuit boards?

You can sell scrap circuit boards to metal recycling companies or scrap yards that accept electronic waste. Some online scrap marketplaces may also be an option. It is recommended to compare prices and reputation of different buyers before making a decision.

4. Can broken or damaged circuit boards still hold value?

Yes, broken or damaged circuit boards can still hold value. Even if they cannot be used in their original form, they may still contain valuable metals that can be extracted and reused.

5. Are there any safety concerns to consider when selling scrap circuit boards?

Yes, there can be safety concerns when handling electronic waste. It is important to be aware of potential hazards, such as toxic chemicals and sharp edges, and to follow proper safety procedures when handling and transporting scrap circuit boards.

6. How can I determine the amount of money I can make from selling scrap circuit boards?

The amount of money you can make will depend on the weight of the scrap circuit boards and the current market price. You can calculate an estimate by multiplying the weight of the scrap by the average price per pound.

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