Small-Batch PCB Assembly Capabilities

Small-batch PCB assembly provides great flexibility for mounting parts on a small number of bare boards. If you’re looking to produce an electronic product, a small batch PCB prototype is essential.

SpecificationsSmall-Batch PCB Assembly Capabilities
PCB assembly standardIPC-A-610 Class 2/3
Low volume PCB assembly quantity5 pieces to 30 pieces
Turnaround time1-5 days
Finest pitch0.2mm
Maximum board size1200mm × 450mm
Minimum board size50mm × 50mm
Maximum rectangular part size50mm × 150mm
Maximum square part size74mm × 74mm
Maximum component height50mm
PCB thickness0.3mm to 4mm
Minimum SMD package01005 (0.4mm × 0.2mm)
PCB assembly servicesPCB design, PCB fabrication, SMT, THT, electronic component sourcing, conformal coating, IC programming, functional jig test, burn-in test, box-built
Free support/servicesGerber and BOM check and improvement, first article test, DFM, DFT, DFX, seeking alternative components

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