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Why MorePCB?

Top PCB Board Manufacturer in china

MorePCB is a reputable and experienced PCB board manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of services, including prototype PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly, as well as various types of PCB boards, such as multilayer PCB, aluminum PCB, FR4 PCB, HDI PCB, and rigid-flex PCB. MorePCB is committed to delivering high-quality products and services, and we have strict quality control processes in place, as evidenced by our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, and RoHS certifications. We also provide fast turnaround times for prototypes and production, 24/7 online support, and customized solutions for specific needs. With our competitive advantages,

MorePCB has become a top choice for customers who are looking for reliable and cost-effective PCB board manufacturing services.


Concern Design Based on Product Life Cycle


Skilled and Experienced PCB Manufacturing Team


Service of Material Sourcing, DFM Evaluation, Design Rules and Economical Solution etc.


24 Hours Engineering Support From Concept Design to Mass Production

+ Years of Experience

+ Years of Experience

+ Cover Countries

+ Cover Countries

+ Professional Engineers

+ Professional Engineers

+ sq.m PCB Capacity

+ sq.m PCB Capacity

Choosing the Right PCB Board Manufacturer

Our Advantages :

Factory scale:

Our factory covers an area of 40,000+ square meters and has more than 600 employees, including 68% of professional and technical staff.

High quality raw materials:

Sheet: Sangik, KENTO, Koki, KB, Rogers, Taconic, Isola, Arlon, Nelco, Hitachi. Potion : Rohm&Haas (US) Atotech (Germany) Umicore (Germany).

Leading equipment:

We have invested heavily in a full set of high-end printed circuit board production equipment, 70 drilling machines, 50 gong machines, 12 CCD automatic exposure machines, 5 VCP horizontal plating lines, 3 automatic copper sinking lines, 8 in-line LDI exposure machines, 4 automatic screen printing lines, 3 OSP production lines, 2 vacuum DES etching lines, 2 automatic laminating lines, etc.

PCB Manufacturing factory
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Reliable PCB Board Manufacturer

Our advantages :

Complete process:

We are one of the few companies in the industry that is fully equipped with a complete set of surface finishing equipment. We can handle all your needs such as gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, OSP, solder spraying, gold deposition, thick gold deposition, tin deposition and silver deposition.

Excellent quality:

We have a complete 36-step process with layer-by-layer inspection to ensure that our produced PCB products are UL, ISO 9001, TS 16949 and CQC certified. Our Level-2 pass rate is greater than 99%, and the Rate of Good Product in Multi-Layer Boards is above 98.5%.

Process Capability:

At MorePCB, we have the leading edge in technology: Maximum Layer Count is 12L. Maximum Board Thickness is 3.0mm. Highest Aspect Ratio is 8:1. Maximum Copper thickness is 3oz. Largest Panel size allowed is 520mm x 650mm. Minimum 4 layers board thickness is 0.4mm. Smallest Via/Pad size are 0.1/0.2mm respectively and the minimum line width/spacing are 0.075/0.075mm both ways

Your Trusted PCB Board Manufacturer

Our Advantages :

Stable delivery time:

We have an ERP Order Management Production System to monitor all production links in real-time and maintain control over the entire line. We also have dedicated instruments and multiple production lines that guarantee timely delivery of PCBs.

Reasonable price:

We have built an independent factory on our own land, with its own environmental protection system. All processes from cutting to testing are completed in the factory, eliminating the need for external outsourcing, minimizing costs for customers and offering Newnews users 160 yuan vouchers when they consult online.

Attentive service:

We offer quick quotations within 30 minutes and respond to customer needs in an hour. Our online customer service is available 24 hours a day. We also provide proactive customer follow-up and service for urgent situations to give you more personalized after-sales service.

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Trust and Worth

Our Clients

Over 100,0 businesses and innovators trust MorePCB


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MorePCB is a top PCB board manufacturer in China that offers high-quality, reliable, and safe PCBs for various industries. With its expertise and experience, capacity and flexibility, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, MorePCB is the right choice for your PCB needs.

One-stop Solution

One-step Service From PCB Fabrication to PCB Assembly


Skilled and Experienced PCB Manufacturing Team


Concern Design Based on Product Life Cycle


24 Hours Engineering Support From Concept Design to Mass Production

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