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MorePCB is a professional printed circuit board (PCB) fabricator providing full range of quick-turn prototype to mass production include assembly (PCBA) to our customers all around the world.

MorePCB in line with the development direction of  high starting point, multi-level and high technology. Products are widely used in medical electronics, aerospace, digital communications, automotive electronics, security equipment, industrial control and other fields, customers throughout China, Europe and the United States, and other countries and regions.

MorePCB uphold the people-oriented, leading technology, pragmatic and progressive enterprise culture idea, won the good reputation of peers, customers.It is well optimized to minimize the cost and maintain the steady Quality, and we are structured to offer cost saving with the flexible production line to support the urgent need all along with the accurate delivery schedule.

MorePCB goal is to provide more high quality, more efficient, more satisfactory products and service for you, for a better future.

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Our Mission

To strive for the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while continuously creating value for high-quality electronic and electrical products, and working hard for a better technological life for humanity.

Our Vision

To become a respected benchmark in the electronics manufacturing industry.

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our Milestones

MorePCB is one professional team with +15 years experience of running full printed circuit board (PCB) business and manufacture.

Our professional team established one fast production line for printed circuit board.

  • 2007

Factory system passed ISO9001 quality certification .

  • 2009

Enlarged printed circuit board (PCB) production lines to 3 sets, and started SMT Assembly lines process.

  • 2011

We won the regular orders from TCL after passed their series sample verification and quality inspection .

  • 2013

Vivo started cooperation with us and gave good reception to our HDI PCB quality and service.

  • 2015

Our total customers count much than 700 by the end of 2017.

  • 2017

Face challenge from Convid-19, fully protect our employees and continue increase market sales .

  • 2020

Improve management and reduce costs in order to meet market challenges to be fully prepared for 5G requirements.

  • 2022

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