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MorePCB support full Turn-Key PCB Assembly includes PCB fabrication, parts sourcing,
PCB assembly, QC inspection, and functional test.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Service

MorePCB is the world leading EMS PCB manufacturer specialize in printed circuit board, PCB assembly, PCB/PCBA prototype in China, and offering turnkey PCB Assembly services including quick turn PCB, component sourcing, cable assembly, comprehensive PCB testing, final package, worldwide shipping etc.

Why Choose MorePCB for PCB, PCBA?

MorePCB is a high-end circuit board manufacturer that offers a range of complex PCB manufacturing services. We prioritize fast delivery and quality assurance and offer a one-stop solution for PCB manufacturing and PCBA assembly to help save time and cost for our customers.



Free Gerber files and BOM check plus advice for both online and offline orders before quoting

Free complete samples

Free complete samples

Free complete samples and functional testings to orders with a $50,000+ amount

One-stop services

One-stop services

One-stop services including prototyping, small-batch, and large volume production

No minimum order quantity limit

No minimum order quantity limit

No minimum order amount limit is set for organizations, engineers, makers, and students

Prototype Pcb Assembly Manufacturer - MorePCB
+ Years of Experience

+ Years of Experience

+ Cover Countries

+ Cover Countries

+ Professional Engineers

+ Professional Engineers

+ sq.m PCB Capacity

+ sq.m PCB Capacity

How to Place order for PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly

E-mail:                  Skype                   WhatsApp                  WeChat                 Tel:  +86-769-81222003


Online Quote

Requirements gathering

Quote review

Sample production

Customer Verify

Mass production

Quality control



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MorePCB professional team pays complete attention to each aspect and assemblies are tailored in order to provide higher flexibility and satisfy the specific demands of the clients. 

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

  • Layers: 1-50
  • Finished Copper:0.5-12 OZ
  • Min. Line/Track Width: 2.5mil
  • Min. Line/Track Space: 2.5mil
  • Finished Board Thickness: 0.1-10mm
  • Min. Drilling Size(Mechanical): 0.15 mm
IPC 2-3 PCB Assembly

IPC 2-3 PCB Assembly

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Traceability processing of pcb two-dimensional code laser marking
  • RoHS & Lead-Free assembly
  • Consigned Components or Turnkey.
  • All kinds of IC package BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs
Components Procurement

Components Procurement

  • From Authorized distributors only
  • Capacitors and Resistor on stock
  • For large quantity, Arrow, Avnet,Future
  • For prototypes, Mouser, Digi-key, Element14
  • Reliable local components resources

Our Design for PCB Manufacturing Services

MorePCB design team possess of  a range of advantages to be able to effectively design high-quality PCBs,good communication skills and attention to industry standards.

PCB Design

PCB design drawing PCB-Design-physical-picture new

PCB Manufacturing

Experience Our PCB Manufacturing factory online

We have been committed to becoming a highly reliable PCB manufacturer, with strict international environmental protection qualifications, advanced equipment and perfect management system.

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